Does your pet have allergies? How do you know? Common signs include scratching, biting, and chewing the skin, excessive face rubbing, excessive grooming, hair loss, and chronic ear infections. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, your pet may be one of the tens of millions of animals that suffer from allergies. And yet, only a small fraction are actually diagnosed and treated. 

Some pets experience seasonal allergies to things like grasses and trees, while others may be allergic to certain food ingredients or insects. There are a variety of treatment options including low allergen food trials, avoiding or controlling exposure to allergens, oral antihistamines and steroids, and immunotherapy. An appointment with your pet's veterinarian will help determine which treatment option is best for your pet. 

While control/avoidance, diet change, and/or oral medications are effective for a number of dogs and cats, there are some pets that just can't find relief via these methods. In pets with severe symptoms or allergies that occur year round, immunotherapy may be recommended by your veterinarian. Immunotherapy involves taking a blood sample from your dog or cat and sending it to a laboratory that tests for a lengthy list of specific allergens. Once the results are in (usually in a few days) a formulation is created containing allergenic extracts specific to your pet's needs. This formulation is then given to your pet via subcutaneous injections (below the skin) at certain intervals over a period of time. 

We haven chosen to use Heska ALLERCEPT IgE Serum Testing  and Treatment because of the high level of sensitivity and accuracy, the broad range of allergens that are tested for, quick turn around time for test results, and patient specific treatment options. For more information, please call or email us. Also, visit Heska's ALLERCEPT website to see success stories, the list of allergens tested for, and find numerous client resources providing answers to many questions you may have.

Allergy Testing​ & Treatment




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