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Herbal Therapies in Veterinary Medicine
Herbal medicines have many roles in veterinary medicine.  Some are used as a single agent (such as Milk Thistle for liver disease), and some Chinese herbs are used as a combination (such as Red Front Door for bladder infections).  These Chinese herbs have many different ingredients combined in a single capsule for their combined effects.  
We view the action of herbal treatments in two different ways.  In many cases, the effect the herb has on the body is understood through standard Western science.  It is also understood through the Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint.  As an example, we know that ecchinacea helps boost the immune system by helping the body make more T-lymphocytes, which is a type of white blood cell that fights infections.  In addition, we understand that Body Sore helps fight pain from arthritis through alleviating Qi-blood stagnation.  
The benefits of using herbal modalities include fewer side effects, providing more options for treatment, as well as reducing interactions with other medications. Many traditional herbal remedies are designed to treat the patient as a whole instead of focusing on a single body part or symptom as Western medicines do.  
Some of the most common issues treated with herbs are kidney disease, bladder infections, arthritis, and liver disease.  Herbs are also very useful as adjunctive therapy in treating many types of cancer.

Here at Westside Veterinary Clinic, we combine both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat the patient as a whole.  It is important to remember that herbs must be used with a degree of caution. Herbs should only be integrated into your pet’s health care plan as part of a strategy designed with your veterinarian.

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